Cooking lessons


Do you want to learn how to cook at your own home and at your own pace? I propose home cooking lessons for all ages and abilities, from beginners to advanced learners, for a group of friends or just for one person. After the lesson we will enjoy the food that we have cooked in a relaxed atmosphere.


In this workshop we will focus on one of the most up-to-date cooking trends. A nice way to cook tasteful fish combined with fresh ingredients, perfect for the summer and also to enjoy during the whole year. We will learn different cutting techniques and dressings with Latin-American and Asian influences.


Have fun while learning how to cook some dishes from the traditional Spanish gastronomy. I would like to teach you how to cook confidently colourful and mouth-watering dishes with the authentic flavours of Spain. Explore how to prepare gazpacho, paella, tortilla… or create an easy tapas menu. Different options are available according to your preferences.

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